Authorized Reseller FAQ's

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What information should I have available for the Authorization?

Be prepared to provide the following:

· First and Last Name - Must be owner, officer or authorized company signatory as it will appear as the signatory name on the executed Agreement & applicable Addendums

· Creation of a User Name for your company that cannot be changed

· Creation of a Password that can be changed

· Primary Email Address to be used for all critical Jabra email business communications on the WIN Authorized Reseller Program and Reseller Authorization Portal

· Primary Company Telephone number to be used as the search key for Distributor inquiries into the validation of your Authorization status

· Primary Company Website URL (if applicable)

· Company legal name – correct spelling is important

· Company Doing Business As (DBAs) – accuracy and correct spelling is important

· Company headquarters/corporate/legal address

· Business contacts including owners, officers, purchasing/buyer/merchandiser, sales, marketing, order management, finance (accounts payable/receivable) and training

· Additional company details, business performance, preferred distributor(s), internet activity, business, training and marketing information

The more information you share with us the better we can serve you.